Mar 3, 2010

You know you want to touch CODEX's staff...

If you visited this blog at all during my little five month hiatus of editing my layout and graduating (pretty much the entire Fall semester) then you saw my "geek crush" post about the Date My Avatar music video from The Guild.

My boyfriend has been following Greg Aronowitz, a special effects/design guy who has not only worked on a bunch of big name movies and tv series, but he also made the weapons for the characters in The Guild. Aronowitz actually has a blog, right here on Blogger (barnyardfx) where he recently posted videos of him and Felicia making a replica of the staff that he made for her character in the music video.

The even cooler part is that you can own this autographed staff! This is kind of late reporting on my part considering the auction does end on Sunday, but they are currently selling the staff on eBay and the proceeds are going to support the American Red Cross. The price right now is up to $1,375.00! So I'm sure the late reporting on my part doesn't seem like as much of a misstep considering that a ticket price like that isn't just mere pocket change.

But if you have $1,400 (the next bid increase price) laying around, and want to simultaneously be able to say that you held Codex's staff and donated to the Red Cross, then this is your moment to shine!

The eBay Auction:
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