Feb 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael Dell and Steve Jobs. (Get a discount, Vote for your fave!)

I just got an interesting email newsletter from ThinkGeek.com, in the opening statement was the announcement "There are two most excellent reasons to eat cake this week--or at least one if you take part in the Mac vs. PC war. Happy Birthday to Michael Dell and Steve Jobs, born a decade and a day apart in February!"

Michael Dell
Born: February 23, 1965 (age 45)
Houston, Texas, U.S.
CEO and founder, Dell, Inc.

Steve Jobs
Born February 24, 1955 (age 55)
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Chairman and CEO, Apple Inc.

I found this to be interesting and just wanted to issue a Happy Birthday both today and tomorrow to the computer company moguls. BUT I also wanted to share an opportunity to save on some awesome geek gear at Think Geek in their honor!

The email I received also told of matching coupon codes that will give you either $5 off a $25 order or $10 off a $40 order. You must use the coupon codes by 11:59pm EST this Saturday (Feb 27th). The cool part is that using the specific coupon code for you will be submitting also counts as a vote to Think Geek in order to help pledge your allegiance among their fandom to the computer company dude you love best.

Use the code: IMAPC to vote for birthday boy Michael Dell
Use the code: IMAMAC to vote for birthday boy Steve Jobs
And if you wanna be a rebel use the code: TUXFTW to vote for Linus Torvalds (Founder of Linux)

Happy shopping, and may the best man win! :3

Feb 15, 2010

Post-Valentines Day

Today is the day after Valentines Day, also known as "Half Priced Candy Day"! President's Day also happened to fall on February 15th this year, so for me that's a double holiday right there. We were talking about fun holidays vs. political holidays a few days ago and we decided we should buy a birthday cake for George Washington on President's Day this year to celebrate, but it kind of snuck up on us with yesterday and all. So we didn't make it out to get one.

Anyway, I know a lot of people have issues with our favorite February holiday, but I am a huge fan of Valentines Day! You may say that is because I am in a relationship. But you would be wrong. My first boyfriend when I was 17 at the very end of my senior year of High School, and I have always loved Valentines Day. I'm sure your next assumption will be that I was one of those pretty girls that may not have had a boyfriend but always had admirers and therefore still received a locker full of mystery gifts and that must be why I had so much fun. But that is not true either. I received my first two valentine gifts ever when I was 17 also.

I am a firm believer that lovers/spouses/crushers should not need one specific day out of the whole year to show their lover/spouse/crushee that they love them. If you really love someone you should be able to show them every day, and the nice things you can do on v-day really are things you could do any time of the year. In fact I don't even call it Valentines Day anymore, and I hate the sound of V-Day, I usually refer to it simply as "February the 14th". But I am a huge fan of holidays in general and I don't think that is an excuse to let such an incredibly fun opportunity pass you by. Any excuse to dress up and eat candy and do something out of the ordinary from my every day routine is a welcome relief for me!

I believe that February 14th should be a day to celebrate love in any form that you have it. Regardless of if you are in a relationship or not. You should never think that you are too good to take a few minutes out of your day to remind someone you care about that you love them. Sure it's a capitalist holiday, sure it's one of those times when you sink money into unnecessary gifts. But it's just like Christmas, you do it because the idea of the holiday makes it easier to rationalize spending the extra money or taking the extra time off to do something that will make the person you care about happy. Whether it's a family member or a friend or a lover.

If you're against Hallmark, don't buy a card. If you wanna stick it to the man, don't go out and pay for flowers or chocolate. Every year in school from kindergarten to senior year I dressed up in red and pink, made handmade valentines for my friends, homemade cookies for my teachers, and brought in a shopping bag full of candy and handed it out in all my classes. I didn't ever have a date, I didn't ever expect anything back, but it was just doing something that showed other people that I cared that made me feel really good the whole day.

This year Cj and I didn't have enough money to go out to dinner like we usually do so we stayed in and I think it was probably the best February the 14 we've ever had. Cj decided to get paper lunch bags and we made little valentine mailboxes like in Elementary School and made each other valentines to put in them. Then I made him cookies (linzer hearts, his favorite) which is a tradition from way back when, the same ones I used to give my teachers, they are heart shaped cookies so it's just something I've done every year for as long as I can remember.

We watched the Olympics most of the day and then Cj made me dinner, and then at night while Cj was doing his homework I snuck downstairs and made him and Icehotel-inspired blanket fort in our living room (because we saw a special on the IceHotel and he's been talking about it ever since). We hung out in our little blanket igloo and opened our valentine cards and just spent some time with each other. I have to admit that the night before he did buy me flowers which was also totally awesome. But the whole weekend was just really nice and super cute, and such a great time.


Now, I know this entry is sort of lacking a little on the geek factor that I usually reserve for this blog, but I needed to rant a little and then sicken you with my adorableness. So to make up for that here are some awesome funny/geeky random gifts I found lurking around the internet this February:

Hand Engraved Random "Sweet Nothings" Heart Necklaces ($44 each, 9 different styles, FredFlare.com)

Two-Person Tee and Undies ($9.99, Socially Awkward Tees and $8.59, Amazon.com)

Pasta Boobs ($10, FredFlare.com)

Giant Inflatable Heart ($22... on sale for $4.99, FredFlare.com)

Lovable Breakfast; Toast Stamp and Egg Mold ($6.50 and $9, FredFlare.com)

Vampire Love; Bleeding Gummy Heart and The Vampire Seduction Handbook ($6.99 and $11.99, ThinkGeek.com)

Geek Love Tees; Binary Heart Babydoll and Men's I <3 My Geek ($18.99 and $15.99, ThinkGeek.com)

Proximity-Based 8-Bit Life/Love Meter Matching Tees ($49.98 for both, ThinkGeek.com)
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